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Select LED Now with Gels & Dial-in 360° Color

Select LED Now with Gels & Dial-in 360° Color
Kino Flo’s Select LED 30 and 20 DMX systems were launched with great success in June 2016. Lighting crews embraced the remote LED controller and the light-weight fixture that allow for rigging flexibility. In addition, users welcomed the ability to dim without color shift, dial in Kelvin temperatures, and select Green/Magenta settings using on-board controls or DMX lighting consoles. But, there was also a built-in secret.

Kino Flo launched the Select LED system as a white light source with Green/Magenta selection. Kino Flo used an GB emitter to control the Green/Magenta color, but we knew that the RGB feature could do more. We just needed to sort out a menu system that would be as intuitive when using the controller manually as when using it on DMX.

The solution was to have a second menu option. Those who prefer to work with white light can use the “white menu” that gives the user access to Dimming, Kelvin and Green/Magenta control channels.

Those who want additional features can switch over to the new “color menu”. In the color menu, the Kelvin range travels from 2500K tungsten to 9900K daylight, and Kino Flo has set up a fourth channel called Gel. The Gel channel includes Kino Flo colors to match Candle Flame, Warm White, Cool White, Sodium Vapor, Mercury Vapor, 20K Blue Sky, Green Screen and Blue screen. In addition, there is a range of gels that can be applied to any Kelvin setting. Simply scroll through the menu to choose up to 105 well-known lighting gels.

In the color menu there is also a fifth channel called Hue Angle and sixth channel, Saturation. These two channels behave similar to a traditional color wheel, where you have white light in the center, the Hue angle determines the color along a 360-degree range, and Saturation determines how much color is applied. For example, if a user wants to review the choices, they can set Saturation to 100% and scroll through 360-degrees of color to choose the desired hue, and adjust the Saturation to their liking. Reducing the Saturation to “0” will take the settings back to white light.

For those that have already purchased these units, there will be a free firmware update available in January 2017 to gain access to the color menu. See or for more details or email us at

Kino Flo’s new Select LED’s also come with standard DMX and wireless DMX (Lumen Radio®), 24VDC input, and universal voltage input 100-240VAC (1.3 Amps at 120U). We also recently added new Snapbag Softbox and Snapgrid accessories.


Enjoy the possibilities.


 Select LED DMX Controller – White Mode

·  Kelvin presets and custom settings between 2700K-6500K

·  Universal input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC

·  Remote Controller

·  Manual and DMX dimming w/ Auto Terminate

·  DMX wireless (Lumen Radio)

·  Green/Magenta control

·  Flicker-free, dead quiet operation


Select LED DMX Controller – Color Mode

In addition to White Mode features, Color Mode includes:


·  Extended color range 2500K-9900K

·  Kino Flo presets and gel settings

·  Dial in any color using Hue Angle and Saturation control


Select LED System