The SCHOEPS name enjoys great respect world-wide. It is associated with products that are impressive for their simple elegance and practicality, in addition to their excellent quality.

schoeps-logoWithout a doubt SCHOEPS is among the most innovative manufacturers of microphones, having always followed its own path in product development.
All microphones made by Schoeps employ traditional (i.e. externally polarized, not electret) condenser transducers, and use small-diaphragm, single-diaphragm capsules, even in microphones which offer two or three different directional patterns. All models introduced since 1973, as well as some models from even earlier, have featured transformerless output circuitry.

Modular “Colette” microphones consist of the combination of two basic units as shown – a microphone capsule and amplifier.
The number of possible combinations is quite large – there are 20 types of microphone capsule and 6 basic types of amplifier. With very few exceptions, any type of capsule can be used with any type of amplifier.


  • Microphone Capsules
  • Analogue Microphone Amplifiers

The CCM represents the logical next step in the miniaturization of classic condenser microphone technology without any compromise in quality. The capsules are identical to the corresponding Colette models, while the amplifiers follow the same circuit principles as CMC amplifiers, with low-impedance balanced output circuitry that allows the use of microphone cables up to hundreds of feet long without interference.
The self-noise is as low as that of the Colette System—absolute studio quality.
The capsule and amplifier of the CCM (“Compact Condenser Microphone”) form an inseparable unit in a single housing.


  • Compact Microphones CCM

The V4 U is the new studio vocal microphone by SCHOEPS.

It unites outstanding technical characteristics with a timeless, classic design.


  • V4 U

SCHOEPS shotgun microphones combine high directionality and high sound quality.


  • Shotgun Microphone