SANKEN_LOGO_02Sanken Microphone Co., Ltd. is known as a professional microphone manufacturer which has the longest history in Japan. The company was established in 1925, and started to create microphones for really professional use. In 1933, Rihei Takeuchi, a founder of the company obtained his first patent for the antiagglomeration of carbon particles in carbon microphones.

In 1935, Sanken developed a globe-shaped dynamic microphone for film recording use.

In 1939, NHK(Japan Broadcasting Cooperation) asked to make miniature dynamic microphone, and Sanken successfully developed a stand microphone for announcers. This was the actual first step of producing professional microphone. 1947, Sanken introduced the Model MCM-1, which was the dynamic microphone with an aluminum diaphragm, and MS-1 with polystylol diaphragm in 1948. It was used at radio stations and became a standard in Japan’s broadcasting industry.