Kino Flo 4Bank 3-Light Interview Kit, Univ 230U
  • Kino Flo 4Bank 3-Light Interview Kit, Univ 230U

4Bank 3-Light Interview Kit, Univ 230U

  • 1x 4Bank Fixture – 2′
  • 1x 4Bank Ballast
  • 2x Double Fixtures – 2′
  • 2x Double Ballasts, 3x 5/8″ Mounts
  • 1x 4Bank 25′ Extension
  • 1x 25′ Double Extension, 2x Lamp Case
  • 3x Stand Mounts
  • 1x Interview Shipping Case
  • 100-240 VAC
  • North American Plug
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Product Description

The 2ft 4Bank 3-Light Interview Kit from Kino Flo is well-suited to location shooting or use in a small studio. The kit contains one 2′ 4Bank fixture, two 2′ Double fixtures, ballasts for each light, two 25′ extension cables, three stand mounts, two lamp cases and a shipping case. The ballasts have a North American 3-prong plug.

Both Single and Double fixtures feature built-in barndoors, removable reflectors and a louver (grid). The lights can be disassembled and used with only the electrical harness to allow you to build a softbox. A wide range of optional True Match lamps are available in tungsten and daylight balance as well as specialty lamps for chroma key work or color effects. The ballasts offer 100-240 VAC operation for worldwide use, individual switchable lamps and dead quiet flicker-free performance.