bebob VS4-RL

4 Channel V-Mount Simultaneous charger

– built in AC Adapter 75W DC
– Powerbase Function
– Weight: 1,9Kg

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Product Description


– 4 Channel V-Mount simultaneous Li-Ion Charger.
– Built-in AC Adapter. 15,0V – 5.0A DC XLR4 Output
– Powerbase Mode.


– All Channel Status indicator show green when the charger is turned on with no battery connected
– The Channel Status indicator turns red when a battery is placed on the corresponding channel and the charging process has begun
– The Channel Status indicator turns back green when the battery is fully charged
– The Channel Status indicator turns Yellow when a battery is placed on the corresponding channel and the charging process fails for damage or safety reason.
– Cooling fan will be activated during the charging process

AC Adapter

– You can use your VS4-RL simultaneously as a 2 Channel Charger and an AC Adapter.
– Use the rear Channels for charging
– The charging functions of the 2 front channels always has priority over the AC function
– The AC adapter delivers up to 5,0A under15,0V


– Plug off the AC Cord from the charger
– Place one or two full batteries on the front channels of the charger
– Battery Power will be available over the XLR 4 DC Output.
– Maximum Load depends on the batteries

Safety instructions

– Only for professional use! Keep Charger out of reach of children and personnel that has not been instructed in the use!
– Use only with recommended batteries.
– Keep the charger dry and do not immerse in water.
– Do not cover the charger under use
– A standard three-pin AC plug must be used and earth pole must be connected to the earth line.
– Do not keep in contact with any part of the body while the charger is in working status.
– Do not use or store the charger in unstable, dusty or damp environments.
– Remove the battery from the charger after the charging process is complete.
– Do not attempt to open or repair the charger. Contact your dealer for help if it becomes defective.
– Handle with care! Do not throw! Do not drop!


Model - VS4-RL
Mount - V-Mount
Channel - 4 simultaneous
Charging Current - 16,8V / 2,5A
DC Output - 15,0V / 5,0A
DC Port - XLR 4 1minus 4plus
AC in - 90-264V / 47-63Hz
Operating Temp. Range - -10°C +35°C
Weight - 1,9Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) - 145 x 225 x 270mm
Warranty - 2 Years
Batteries - bebob, Idx, Sony