BV was founded in The Netherlands in 1946 and has the distinction of being the first studio camera manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera. Based in the town of Kampen in the East of the Netherlands, Cambo has since built a reputation for high quality, precision engineered cameras, stands and other studio equipment.
Today, Cambo is based in a modern 2,000 sq m facility equipped with the latest computer controlled design and machine tools, ensuring production to the highest standards.
Emphasis on design innovation ensures that the Cambo range of High-End View Cameras continues to provide for differing needs across the marketplace, from the entry level, ideal for the budget conscious student or serious amateur, to the sophistication of the
“Ultima System” and the ultra-precision of the “WideRS System” which caters for the precise needs of the digital photographer, in studio and on location.
The Cambo range of cameras is complemented by a range of camera support stands and other studio accessories to suit all needs, including dedicated Reproduction cameras and  Reproduction stands.
Since several years Cambo has expanded their product range into the market for Video Supports, including an innovative series of Video Booms and a Track and Dolly System, complemented with an extended HDSLR Support Rig system for the demanding amateur as well as the professional video and broadcast companies.