Thales Angénieux is a world-recognized manufacturer of precision lenses, offering the best lenses for cinema and television production, as well as specific products for surveillance and security applications.

angenieux-logo1Thales Angénieux has nearly 400 employees and earns more than 70% of its revenues abroad. The company has offices in the United States and Singapore and is backed up by a network of 50 distributors.
Recognized in 1964/1989 and 2008 in Hollywood by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in 2005 by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and in 2012 by the Society of Camera Operators,
Angénieux zoom lenses are appreciated everywhere in the world by the most demanding image professionals, whether for shooting feature-length films, commercials, television series or documentaries.
Since its founding in 1935, the company’s story has been an incredible one. Its success can be attributed to the genius of its founder, Pierre Angénieux, who revolutionised the methods of optical calculation. Pierre Angénieux invented the retrofocus principle and designed the first industrialisable mechanical-compensation zoom lens.

Optimo Style Series

A wider spectrum of production content is migrating to cinematic look with 4K quality, and requires equipments that’s adaptable to large variety of cameras, configurations, and budgets.
The three Optimo Style zooms provide focal length from 16 to 250 mm. With ability to extend the range with a 2x (or 1.4x) extender. The 16-40 and 30-76 are extremely light weight 4.2lbs each., allowing perfect camera balance for on the shoulder. The 25-250 is a quality, all purpose zoom meeting most production needs with desirable 25mm WA position, 10x range and weight of 16lbs.The Style series is fully compatible with the latest generation of digital cameras, with the resolution 4K and higher.


Setting the standard for optics technology and performance, the Optimo family offers a range of zoom lenses to meet the most uncompromising requirements. Manufactured with
exquisite precision, they help you bring greater artistry and cinematic expression to your shoot in any format. Optimo lenses are now the reference lenses in every type of production from feature films, commercials, TV series, video clips to major sports or cultural events.

Optimo Anamorphic

The Optimo Anamorphic Series is based on the design of the famous Optimo 28-76 and 15-40. The optical design of the Optimo anamorphic lenses weaves in cylindrical and spherical optical elements in the rear group. This unique design technique yields significantly superior optical performance over the lenses that are simply equipped with rear anamorphic attachment. Additionally, these zoom lenses remain extremely lightweight. There is no equivalent on the market.